MEDICAID Transportation and Other Services

We offer wheelchair and non-wheelchair transportation throughout Muscatine and surrounding communities including the Quad Cities and Iowa City.

Door to door service
Our CPR-certified drivers take passengers from their home to an appointment or event with door to door service. The driver will assist passengers to the reception area at an appointment while leaving a contact number for pickup when ready. Drivers will again assist passengers to our van for the return trip home.

Elderly transportation
We provide transportation options for older adults who prefer to be driven to appointments or who cannot drive themselves.

Wheelchair transportation
Wheelchair transportation is available for those who are bound to a wheelchair and need assistance getting to and from appointments.
Wheelchairs are secured and can accommodate persons up to 6’8” tall.

Disabled transportation
Transportation is provided for those unable to drive themselves to appointments or other events. We will pick up and return home safely from the appointment or event location.

Special Needs transportation
We provide transportation to accommodate a variety of special needs that require understanding of specific physical and emotional circumstances. Our interaction will be based on a person’s specific needs according to their capabilities and challenges

Transportation for Medicaid patients is available.
Medicaid covers rides to and from your doctor’s office, the hospital, or another medical office for your Medicaid approved care. This coverage is for “non-emergency medical transportation,” that does not involve a medical emergency.